Warm Weather Shipping

During seasons where temperature could affect the product, we take extra steps to ensure the product is properly protected. This includes ice packs, reflective wrapping and insulation.

Generally from late spring through early fall, we will only be able to ship using these methods. For this reason, we also will only ship on Monday – Wednesday so the chocolate will not sit in a transfer station over the weekend.

Additionally, a flat “Warm Weather Fee” is automatically included in our shipping rate during this season. This is not a separate line item but is included in the shipping cost. This fee covers the cost of the the ice packs and the additional weight the ice packs add to a shipment.

If an order placed during warm weather is a gift, please notify the recipient that the gift is coming so they can plan to receive the package and take it indoors as quickly as possible upon arrival. 

While we take every precaution we can to protect the chocolate, there are many variables outside of our control. We cannot take responsibility for any product that melts in transit. 

Thank you for your understanding.