The Chocolat Bar
The Chocolat Bar

Are your chocolates all handmade?

Yes! Not only are all of our chocolates handmade in our shop in Boise, but all the caramels, toffee and other fillings are handmade as well in microbatches. Even our shortbread!

How long does our chocolate last?

When stored properly, our drops, clusters and barks can easily keep for 3-6 months. Truffles should be eaten within 2 weeks. Caramels should be eaten within 4 weeks.

How should I store the chocolates?

For best results, store the chocolate in a cool, dry location – ideally between 55 – 68° F. We would recommend that you do not refrigerate or freeze the chocolate as it may cause the chocolate to bloom when it is removed.

Are there gluten free options?

Most of our products are gluten free, and are noted as such on the website.

Are there sugar free options?

Yes! In the shop we provide a number of sugar-free selections. Come in to see what options are available.

What if I have a nut allergy?

All chocolates are made in a facility that processes nuts. We cannot guarantee that chocolates which do not contain nuts have not come into contact with utensils used to make chocolates containing nuts.

Is there alcohol in the chocolates?

The following chocolates contain limited amounts of alcohol: “Black Mamba” Bark, Cherry Bark, Cherry Clusters, Black Forest Truffle, Bourbon Truffle, Ginger Twig, Ginger Lime Twig, and Rum Raisin Clusters. All caramels may contain a small amount of alcohol by-product.

Are all of your chocolates featured on the website?

No, there are many more options available in our shop. If you can, make sure and stop in to see what is available.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, we can provide gift certificates for any amount you choose. They are available for in-store use only. At this time, gift certificates cannot be purchased or used on the website.

Are there special-order options?

Yes! Please see the Corporate Gifts and Custom Events and Occasions pages for more information. For additional questions, please contact us.

What is your return policy?

We want our customers to have a great experience with our products, and we will always try to make things right. Since we sell an artisan food product, we cannot accept “returns” as such, but if there are any concerns regarding your order please let us know right away.